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Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands
Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands
How much does it cost to have a ring made from my diamonds? Halo Setting by Brian Gavin

How much does it cost to have a ring made from my diamonds?

“I’m considering having Brian Gavin Diamonds custom design an engagement ring for me. I have some diamonds that I’ve accumulated over the years and am wondering how much does it cost to have a ring made from my diamonds? My girlfriend really wants a halo setting, and the diamond we’ve selected from Brian Gavin is a 1.65 carat round which is G-color and VS-2 clarity. We’re not certain whether we want an open prong design like the Anita Halo or the Halo setting by Brian Gavin that has more of a closed outer edge. We’re interested in 18k white gold or platinum.”

Custom Brian Gavin ring using your diamonds:

While there are some ring designs that Brian Gavin can custom design using your diamonds, a halo setting would not be one of the designs I would recommend, unless the diamonds you have are all calibrated to be the same size, same diameter, and match perfectly for diamond color and clarity. Making a ring out of diamonds that are mixed and matched for size, cut quality, clarity and color is a recipe for disaster, especially when the design is uniform in design. Freeform style rings that consist of combinations of different sized loops and circles are better suited for combining diamonds of different sizes, shapes, and qualities. Trust me when I tell you that we use Brian Gavin Signature Melee cut diamonds for a reason. BGD Signature Melee cut diamonds (pronounced “mell-ee) are cut to the same incredible standards that larger Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds are cut to. Thus we can guarantee that the diamonds in the setting will deliver the same high volume of light return and sparkle factor as larger BGD Signature diamonds.

The Precision of Halo Settings by Brian Gavin Diamonds:

Cost of Anita Halo Engagement RingHalo style engagement rings like the Anita Halo by Brian Gavin require extreme precision to create the perfect balance between the size of the accent diamonds and the center stone. We custom make every halo style engagement ring from scratch so that the center stone fits the ring perfectly, with just the right amount of space between the edge of the center stone and the row of accent diamonds. We use calibrated melee cut diamonds to ensure that every Brian Gavin Signature engagement ring looks its absolute best.

Using your diamonds to make a custom e-ring:

Understand that we’re happy to try and use your diamonds to make a custom ring, but they probably aren’t suitable for use in a Brian Gavin Signature engagement ring like a halo setting unless they are calibrated in size, and precisely matched for color, clarity, and diamond cut quality. When customers have presented us with diamonds in situations similar to this in the past, their diamond holdings have consisted of small diamonds set in various rings of different designs, all being of different sizes and qualities, and to be perfectly honest, they tend not to be of much use for the level of quality that we produce. However, we are always willing to take whatever diamonds you have on hand into consideration when designing a custom jewelry creation on your behalf. It is your engagement ring after all, Brian Gavin is the custom creator of the dream that you have in mind. Please contact our customer service department for additional details.

What to do with old diamonds and jewelry:

People frequently ask us what they can do with old diamonds and jewelry that they have accumulated over the years. In the first place, the style of the jewelry might not match with your current preferences or style. For example, it’s quite common for women to have a jewelry box full of jewelry that represents a younger period in their life when they preferred pieces that were lighter and smaller. Custom Diamond RingObviously, the simplest approach seems to be something like melting it all down and creating a piece of custom jewelry that reflects your current style. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy since all of that old jewelry is likely to be made from different alloys and mixtures. With that in mind, it’s more cost-effective to trade it in for melt credit. Sometimes people really want to use their old gold for sentimental reasons and we can do that if you really want, however, it’s not really an effective approach because we need to use 50% fresh alloy in order to maintain the structural integrity of the new jewelry item and to reduce the presence of porosity. Under those circumstances, only a portion of the new piece would consist of the old jewelry and it doesn’t really make sense because it reduces the overall quality of the new creation.

Custom Jewelry Styles that lend themselves easily to old stones:

Custom Diamond Opal RingObviously, you might want to use any old diamonds or colored gems that you have lying around in a new piece of custom jewelry. One of the best ways to do that is to select a freeform design that has swirls or sweeping curves in which stones can be set easily regardless of differences in size or shape. The custom jewelry designers from Brian Gavin Diamonds can help you design a piece of freeform style jewelry that will accommodate the majority or perhaps all of the diamonds and colored gems that you want to include in a piece of jewelry. We can start with a napkin type sketch of what you have in mind, or provide you with some ideas after a brief consultation. Contact our customer service representatives for an appointment.
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