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Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands
Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands

Brian Gavins Signature Quadex Hearts and Arrows

Banner with the text "May the Bling be with you" with a quadex diamond image


The Quadex Square Brilliant is Back Brighter and Bolder than Ever:

We're happy to announce that the QUADEX Square Brilliant is back, and it's brighter and bolder than ever. It's perfect for you if you like square-shaped diamonds but wish that they were brighter and more full of life.

In other words, the Quadex diamond has a square shape but reflects the properties of an ideal cut round. It even displays the pattern of hearts and arrows that Brian Gavin customers have grown to love.

Quadex H&A Square Modified Brilliant Cut Diamonds:

Of course, you also know that the hearts reflect a higher degree of optical precision. That is the consistency of facet shape, size, and alignment from the perspective of 360-degrees. In that way, you know that the Quadex diamonds from Brian Gavin are polished to the highest standard.

The new and improved Quadex diamonds design produces light performance worthy of the AGS Ideal-0 cut rating. It also creates one of the most spectacular light shows of brilliance and dispersion that you'll ever see.

That is why we're proud to re-introduce the Quadex to the Brian Gavin Signature collection. It's yet one more example of the innovative nature of the Brian Gavin Experience. We're always striving to brighten your day by offering an ideal version of the most popular diamond shapes:

Given Brian's track brilliant track record, you're in for a treat if you prefer square-shaped diamonds. Be sure to tag us on social media @BrianGavinDiamonds when you share pictures of your Quadex diamond. We can't wait to see it.